Krkonošské muzeum v Jilemnici

The museum found in the year 1891. It resides in the castle and survey above all on of history and ethnography of western Krkonoše Mountains and of Czech skiing infancy and development. Visitors they can see here unique sound distribution of Metelka mechanical crib from the years of 1883-1913.

Beside exposition about beginning and development of Czech skiing by the year 1914 and personage - ethnographical exposition, you will find in museum gallery the works of Francis Kavan painter. The works of that excellent Czech landscape painter is in gallery substitution just about 90 collected works. Exposition and supporting actions they are complete by continual expositions. The museum belongs to National park Krkonoše management from of the year 1979.


Trip types - Krkonoše - Černý Důl

Vyhlídkový vláček

Would you like to spend your leisure time at quiet town Pec pod Sněžkou? Do you plan a trip to neighbourhood of the highest mountain of Czech Republic and you don't want to wait in line in front of funicular? Do you want to spend a little bit of romantic, peacefulness and quiet? Excellent!

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Projížďky na koních - Kněžice

You not be afraid to ride on horseback in our establishment. Those, who never sat on the horseback, that can try it here, what feeling it is. We have the horses, they chosen that way, to agree for beginners, also advanced riders. Because the horse riding, it is not possible to learn this day week, not even during the fortnight, we pursue rather the informative training only, how right ride on horseback.

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Golf Mladé Buky

The Golf club has arisen in the community Mladé Buky from common initiative of the community and Grund Inc. Company in the year 2000. We have not our own golf course in this moment, but the construction is under way.

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Zámek Ratibořice a Babiččino údolí

Castle is associated with princess Katrina Vilemina Zahanska (character from the book "Grandma" written by Bozena Nemcova). The Grandmother's valey (national park, education pathway with objects that remind action of the book).

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Of the day 29 August 2000 was opened in Liberec centre BABYLON one of the biggest centres for usage of leisure time, relaxation, amusement and body and soul sanitation under the name Water Paradise.

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Bozkovské dolomitové jeskyně

are situated on the northern slope of the Bozkov village in the hilly landscape of the Krkonoše foothils. The entrance into the undeground space was discovered by dolomiteminers in the 1940s, but only in 1957 the undeground system of fissure corridors, partly filled with water, was discovered.

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Letní bobová dráha

The summer bobsleigh track is a sport and leisure facility designed for the active use of free time for both long-term and short-term visitors to Špindlerův Mlýn. Thanks to the state-of-the-art technology tested at hundreds of similar facilities installed throughout the world adepts of sporting rides, children over two years of age ad also older visitors.

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Zámek Hospital Kuks

Unique baroque complex was founded by F. A. Špork. Construction started in1692 (G. B. Alliprandi). At first was build up a bath building by the healing sping, in 1695 has been spas in operation. On the other waterside Labe river was build a hospital with the church and undercroft. Author of the sculpture embellishment in front of the church is M. B. Braun.

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Hrad Pecka

Originally early gothic castle has been constructed at the beginning of 14.century; during 16.century the castle has been rebuild on the renaissance manor house,  combined with from tetra, two storied  wings, which close the squared courtyard.

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ZOO safari Dvůr Králové

Zoological garden in Dvůr Králové nad Labem belongs to the biggest and most beautiful zoological gardens. Specialists, like unique genic bank of African animals, consider it. ZOO situated on total area of 64 hah. Its arithmetic more than 2300 breed animals presents biggest ZOO in Czech republic and at the same time be part of most considerable European gardens.

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